Exodus (ang.)

Men and people will fight ya down 
When ya see Jah light. 
Let me tell you if you`re not wrong; 
Everything gonna be all right.
We gonna walk (walk walk)- through de roads of creation:
We the generation 
trod through great tribulation.

Exodus, na na na na, movement of Jah people!
Exodus: movement of Jah people! 

Open your eyes and look within:
Are you satisfied? Whith the life you`re living.
We know where we`re going.
We know where we`re from.
We`re leaving babylon,
We`re going to our father land.

Exodus, na na na na, movement of Jah people!
Exodus, movement of jah people!

Jah come to break downpression,
Rule equality,
Wipe away transgression,
Set the captives free.
Set set set set...

Movement of jah people!

Słowa: Bob Marley

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Dodany: 16 października 2008

Wykonawca: 2TM2,3

Płyty: Propaganda Dei